Registering a Death

It is necessary for the death to be registered before burial or cremation can take place.

The registration takes place either at the Registrar’s Office or if applicable the hospital, both of which are done strictly by appointment. For contact details, please click here.

The following people can register the death:

The Registrar will require the following documents:

The Registrar will require the following information regarding the deceased:

Upon registration the Registrar will issue the following certificates:

A Certificate for Burial or Cremation (also known as the green certificate)

This must be handed to us as soon as possible after registration. If the Coroner is involved, you may not receive a green certificate from the Registrar.

This form is free of charge.

A Certificate of Registration of Death (also known as Form BD8)

This form is for social security purposes. The Registrar will go through this with you.

This form is free of charge.

Death Certificate

Certified copies will be needed for any of the following purposes, among others:

The fee for certificates requested on the day of the registration is £4.00 each. If certificates are requested after that date, the fee is £7.00 each until that register is closed, when the fee then rises to £10.00.

You can pay for a certificate by cash, cheque, credit or debit card.

Note: In most cases, upon visiting a Bank or Building Society, they will need a certified death certificate to photocopy for their records, but will then hand you the original certificate back.

The Tell Us Once service:

When you register a death we recommend that you take advantage of the ‘Tell Us Once’ scheme where the Registrar will collect details from you and notify, in one step, government departments and local agencies on your behalf, saving you time and any inconvenience.

There are two stages to the ‘Tell Us Once’ scheme. Firstly, the Registrar will enter all relevant details onto the ‘Tell Us Once’ national database. The second stage is completed by you at home, either by telephone or online, using the unique reference number given to you by the Registrar.

‘Tell Us Once’ scheme will notify:

For further information please click here.