Music & Hymns

Music for a Funeral Service in Church

Sometimes CD music can be played as the coffin is carried in and out of the Church. Not all Churches will agree to this, some Churches only allow their own Organist to play, so please speak to the Minister officiating the service as their permission is needed. If CD music is allowed, the Minister taking the service will need the required CD’s with the following details:

If no music is requested with the Minister, the Organist will play something appropriate on entry and exit.

Music for a Funeral Service at the Crematorium

Music can be played as we carry the coffin into the Chapel, during the service and when we exit the Chapel.

Mintlyn Crematorium have an Organist who can play the hymns during the funeral service. All other music is downloaded onto the Crematorium music system via a specialist company.

We need to know your music choices as soon as possible. Please let us know:

The Organist can play something appropriate on entry and exit if you prefer.

Please note: Music is provided by a specialist company and some versions on YouTube are unable to be downloaded onto the Crematorium system as they have to be officially released songs due to copyright laws.

Live Webcast & Recording of Service at the Crematorium

With the Crematorium music system it is possible for the service to be broadcast online, recorded onto an audio CD or a DVD. These options are ideal if family/friends are away or live in a different country and are unable to attend the service in person.

The following options are available:

We will receive the CD/DVD approximately 2 weeks after the funeral service. We will notify you once we have received it.

Please note: If you would like any of these options, please contact us so we can order this service for you.


The following is a selection of more popular hymns however, there are many more you can choose: