Exhumation is defined as the removal of human remains, whether they are complete or cremated remains, from the place where they are buried. This is then usually followed by the remains being transferred and buried in a new or alternative grave.

A situation may arise that means the remains of someone you care about needs to be removed from their grave or burial plot. There can be many different reasons why an exhumation may be necessary. The relatives of the deceased may request that the remains be moved from the original grave and transferred to a family plot in the same or different cemetery. It may be desirable to arrange for repatriation, so that the deceased may be buried in a family vault or grave in a different country. Alternatively, the family may request that the remains are exhumed and cremated. Furthermore, exhumations are sometimes requested when the coroner or other legal authority requests a further examination of the remains. Less commonly, exhumations are sometimes necessary when a cemetery or churchyard is decommissioned due to development or building projects.

Whatever the reason for exhumations, they should only be considered after time and care is taken to think through the whole process. It is not a decision to take lightly and it can be a very lengthy process but if it is something you wish to proceed with, we can offer our advice and expertise in matters relating to the exhumation of human remains. We have experience dealing with the complex and time-consuming process of arranging and carrying out exhumations, re-burials, cremations, repatriation of human remains from cemeteries, churchyards and alternative burial sites.

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