Donations can be made online (where Gift Aid can be claimed), at the funeral service or sent to our office.

Anyone wishing to make an online donation can do so by selecting the Current & Recent Funerals – Donate Online tab on this website. Once the deceased’s obituary page has been selected, a donation can be made in their memory by clicking on the charity name.

At the funeral service some people give their donations in loose cash or in a sealed envelope with their names and the charity written on the outside.

Other people post their donations to our office. These need to be in a sealed envelope with the following information:

A short time after the funeral we will close the donation account and compile a list of names and donations made as a record for the bereaved family. Loose cash given at the service will be recorded on the list accordingly with no name. We will send all donations to the relevant charity and request that they send the bereaved family an acknowledgement letter of donations received. Online donations are sent directly to the charity concerned within days of the donation.